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22/05/2022 Sarah Beisly Parable of the Sower

15/05/2022 Graeme Northe  The Word made Flesh

08/05/2022 Ruth Martis Mother's Day Message

01/05/2022 Ross Porter Christ the Life

24/04/22 Ross Porter Anzac Day

15/04/22 Werner Schreiber Good Friday Morning

10/04/22 Werner Schreiber Luke 9:51-62

06/03/22 Werner Schreiber Ecclesiastes 9:1-10

27/2/22 Werner Schreiber  Ecclesiastes 5: 8-20

20/2/22 Peter  Bichan         Philipians 4: 2-9 

13/2/22 Werner Schreiber   Ecclesiastes 3: 1-22

06/2/22 Werner Schreiber   Ecclesiastes 1

23/1/22 Werner Schreiber Walking on Land is more difficult

16/1/22 Eli Savill Relying On God

9/1/22 Peter Bichan Prodigal

19/12/21 Ross Porter Reject, Neglect or Accept Christ

05/12/21 Werner Schreiber Walking in the Light

28/11/21 Werner Schreiber Light & Transparency

14/11/21  Werner Schreiber    Exodus 39

07/11/21  Werner Schreiber    Exodus 37:1-38:20

31/10/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus 33:7-23

24/10/21  Werner Schreiber   Exodus 31:1-18

17/10/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus 25:8-40

10/10/21  Graeme Northe  John 15:1:8

03/10/21 Werner Schreiber Exodus 20

26/09/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus 19

19/09/21  Peter Bichan  Philippians 2

12/09/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus

15/08/21  Brian Winslade  In All Things God Works

08/08/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus - A Journey to Himself

01/08/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus - A Journey to Himself

25/07/21  Charles Erlam  Mission Today

18/07/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus- A journey to Himself

11/07/21  Werner Schreiber  Exodus- A journey to Himself

04/07/21  Ruth Martis  Faith like a Mustard Seed

27/06/21  Werner Schreiber  The Eyes of Faith

20/06/21  David Moko  In us God is mission

13/06/21  Werner Schreiber  Psalm 73

06/06/21  Werner Schreiber  The prayer of the righteous

30/05/21  Werner Schreiber  Waiting for God

23/05/21  Werner Schreiber  Not what, but how?

16/05/21  Ross Porter  Good Samaritan

09/05/21  Werner Schreiber  Humble, or Humbled?

02/05/21  Werner Schreiber  Werner Schreiber

25/04/21  Jonathan Ruthven  Guest Speaker

18/04/21  Brian Winslade  The UnqualifiedCritic

11/04/21  Werner Schreiber  The Tongue

04/04/21  Werner Schreiber  Easter Sunday

28/03/21  Werner Schreiber  Expectation

14/03/21  Werner Schreiber  James 2:14-20

07/03/21  Werner Schreiber  The Law of Love


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