13/06/2021Werner SchreiberPsalm 73
06/06/2021Werner SchreiberThe prayer of the righteous
30/05/2021Werner SchreiberWaiting for God
23/05/2021Werner SchreiberNot what, but how?
16/05/2021Ross PorterGood Samaritan
09/05/2021Werner SchreiberHumble, or Humbled ?
02/05/2021Werner SchreiberWerner Schreiber
25/04/2021Jonathan RuthvenGuest Speaker
18/04/2021Brian WinsladeThe UnqualifiedCritic
11/04/2021Werner SchreiberThe Tongue
04/04/2021Werner SchreiberEaster Sunday
28/03/2021Werner SchreiberExpectation
14/03/2021Werner SchreiberJames 2:14-20
07/03/2021Werner SchreiberThe Law of Love
28/02/2021Werner SchreiberJames 1:19-27
21/02/2021Csilla SaysellBecoming a People of Hope
14/02/2021Werner SchreiberBook of James pt 1
07/02/2021Werner SchreiberForgiveness pt 3
31/01/2021Werner SchreiberForgiveness
17/01/2021Peter BichanPeter Bichan
10/01/2021Werner SchreiberWerner Schreiber


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