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Marcus Wilson

Date Speaker Topic (mp3)
14/01/18Marcus WilsonRevelations
07/01/18Maurice CharmanLiving responsibly as Christians
31/12/17Jon EmmettJon Emmett
25/12/17Jonathan RuthvenWhen Hope was born
24/12/17Jonathan RuthvenFor unto us a child is born
17/12/17Jonathan RuthvenBe careful how you speak to Angles
10/12/17Jonathan RuthvenActs The council of Jerusalem
03/12/17Jonathan RuthvenConfronting false teaching in the church
26/11/17Jonathan RuthvenActs Through many tribulations
19/11/17Jon EmmittThe rich ruler
12/11/17Jonathan RuthvenDying for Praise
05/11/17Jonathan RuthvenWhen Jealousy Strikes
22/10/17Ross PorterReligion or relationship
15/10/17Jonathan Ruthvenmaking the most
08/10/17Jim PatrickMinistering by night
01/10/17John EmmittFrom now on you will fish for people
24/09/17Jonathan RuthvenThe First Great Missionary Journey
17/09/17Jonathan RuthvenGo and make disciples
10/09/17Jonathan RuthvenRejoice and leap for joy
03/09/17Andrew JonesSpeading the word through media
27/08/17Jonathan RuthvenTake up your cross and follow Me
20/08/17Jonathan RuthvenAbide in me
13/08/17Ross PorterCount yourself dead to sin and alive to God
06/08/17Jonathan RuthvenSell your possessions and give to the needy
30/07/17teens triptteens to Thailand part 2
30/07/17teens tripteens to Thailand part 1
23/07/17Jonathan RuthvenHow do we store up treasure in heaven
16/07/17Jonathan RuthvenHow do we love our neighbour?
09/07/17Jonathan RuthvenHow do we love God?
02/07/17Jonathan RuthvenTo obey God's law is to Love
25/06/17 Jonathan Ruthven You must be born again
18/06/17 Jonathan Ruthven You must be born again
11/06/17 Jonathan Ruthven When tears are not enough
04/06/17 Maurice Charman colossians Live a life worthy of Christ
28/05/17 Jonathan Ruthven Where is your treasure?
07/05/17 Jonathan Ruthven Four precious truths we can learn about God from Acts 12
30/04/17 Jonathan Ruthven Responding to Prophesy
23/04/17 Jonathan Ruthven Encouragement Barnabas
16/04/17 Jonathan Ruthven Five incredible things of the Resurrection
09/04/17 Jonathan Ruthven Bartimaeus - I want.... to see
02/04/17 Jonathan Ruthven Acts 10 Opening the door to all
26/03/17 Maurice Charman Do you know the leading of the Holy Spirit?
19/03/17 Richard Carver P.N.G. missionary interview
12/03/17 Jonathan Ruthven Ten steps to effective prayer
05/03/17 Jonathan Ruthven Do you experience answered prayer?
26/02/17 Jonathan Ruthven Do You eagerly await the return of Christ
19/02/17 Jonathan Ruthven Sharing the Gospel
12/02/17 Jonathan Ruthven Do you reject this evil world?
05/02/17 Jonathan Ruthven Do you have a saving faith?
29/01/17 Jonathan Ruthven The conversion of Saul
22/01/17 Ross Porter Aliens in a hostile world
15/01/17 Maurice Charman 2 Timothy - As for you
08/01/17 Maurice Charman 1 Timothy A lesson in Gratitude
01/01/17 Marcus Wilson Building on The Rock

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