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DateSpeakerTopic (mp3)
27/09/2020Johannes BailzerGuest Speaker
20/09/2020Andrew PageThe Perfect Picture
06/09/2020Jonathan RuthvenThe Heart of a Pastor
30/08/2020Jonathan RuthvenAs Christ loves the Church
23/08/2020Jonathan RuthvenSubmit to one another
16/08/2020Jonathan RuthvenWorship through Song
09/08/2020Werner SchreiberWhat is in a Name?
02/08/2020Jonathan RuthvenNow you are light
26/07/2020Jonathan RuthvenLike Dad, Like God
19/07/2020Jonathan RuthvenForgiving one another
12/07/2020Werner SchreiberWerner Schreiber
05/07/2020Jonathan RuthvenIt's better to be kind than nice
28/06/2020Jonathan RuthvenEph 4  speak words of life
21/06/2020Jonathan RuthvenDon't steal, work to give
14/06/2020Werner SchreiberGuest Speaker
07/06/2020Jonathan RuthvenDealing with Injustice
31/05/20Jonathan RuthvenCelebrating Fellowship
19/05/20Jonathan RuthvenGen 16 Hagar
03/05/20Jonathan RuthvenEph 4 Using our Giftings
26/04/20Ben CarswellAnzac Message
19/04/20Jonathan RuthvenDeveloping humility Eph 4
12/04/2020Jonathan  RuthvenHe has Risen
22/03/2020Jonathan RuthvenBorn again to a living Hope
15/03/2020Jonathan RuthvenOne in Christ
08/03/2020Jonathan RuthvenSaved by Grace
01/03/2020Jonathan RuthvenResurrection Power
19/02/2020Jonathan RuthvenOur sealed inheritance
16/02/2020Jonathan RuthvenI have an inheritance
09/02/2020Jonathan RuthvenI have been Redeemed
02/02/2020Jonathan Ruthven

Understanding our identity in Christ

12/01/2020Werner SchreiberThe Living Water
05/01/2020Marcus WilsonPsalm 119


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