Devotion for 24 April 2020 - resetting worship

Kia ora Cambridge Baptist and friends, 

I want you to imagine for a moment just how good it will be when the COVID-19 crisis is over and we physically come together again as God’s people and have the opportunity to sing and praise God for bringing us through this crisis  How good will it be?  What kind of songs will we sing - our exuberant will our praise be?

While there is no doubt modern worship can be loud and upbeat, after spending a lot of time in the psalms this week I wonder if the lyrics of most of the songs we sing describing the greatness  and goodness of God are just a little timid, unimaginative and a bit pedestrian.  Take Psalm 18 for example which is a song or praise that celebrates the way that God has shown his love to his people by giving them David as their king and the fact He has preserved their king through many dangers.  The writer of the psalm doesn’t hold back in using colourful and imaginative language to describe God.  In one place he pictures God as an angry fire breathing dragon leaving his heavenly fortress to quickly respond to David’s need and in another or a raging thunderstorm throwing burning coals of fire.

If you think that sound’s to Lord of the Rings like, let me read verses 6 -16 of this great Psalm to you:

Psalm 18:6-16

In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears. Then the earth reeled and rocked; the foundations also of the mountains trembled and quaked, because he was angry. Smoke went up from his nostrils, and devouring fire from his mouth; glowing coals flamed forth from him. He bowed the heavens and came down; thick darkness was under his feet. He rode on a cherub and flew; he came swiftly on the wings of the wind. He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him, thick clouds dark with water. Out of the brightness before him hailstones and coals of fire broke through his clouds. The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Most High uttered his voice, hailstones and coals of fire. And he sent out his arrows and scattered them; he flashed forth lightnings and routed them.

Then the channels of the sea were seen, and the foundations of the world were laid bare at your rebuke, O LORD, at the blast of the breath of your nostrils. He sent from on high, he took me; he drew me out of many waters.

See what I mean, the language is terrific and makes the God we worship all the more real and majestic.

So, my encouragement this morning is when we come back together to do worship let’s really celebrate who God is and what he has done with exuberance and joy.  For some of us we need to be brave enough to reset our worship and sing with a newfound freedom and be prepared to try something a little different.   Let’s use COVID-19 as an opportunity to reset the way we worship at Cambridge Baptist.

If you have a few minutes extra today, and I know most of you have, can I encourage you to watch the video interview I will be posting today by Mandy and Glen who will be leading second service music ministry on our return and their vision for worship. 


Gracious Lord you are so worthy of songs and praise.  Lord fill our hearts with new songs that speak of your love, majesty and beauty.  Bring us together again as your people in your sanctuary so we can lift you name high in one voice.



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