Brexit - Not all Bad

We have all heard of buyer's remorse, when someone splashes out on an expensive item such as a car or designer clothes and then a short time later they experience a sharp sense of regret or guilt over their purchase – often when a suspicion arises that they have been taken in by the seller. However, it would now seem that many people in Britain are now developing "referendum regret" as those who voted "leave" begin to see some of the ramifications of what leaving the EU will mean. Many have insisted they were taken in by Nigel Farage's rhetoric and that they were not given the whole story on what a "leave" vote would truly mean for Britain. So as the debate heats up on whether Britain has made a mistake in voting to leave the EU, I am going to nail my colours to the mast and say that I think leaving the EU was the right thing to do, but not for the reasons that Nigel Farage and his supporters gave. I think it was the right reason because I think any nation, particularly one as old as Britain, should think twice about giving up its sovereignty because God set the boundaries of the nations as a protective factor for God's people and a natural break on the pride and grasping nature of mankind.

In Genesis 9:1 God commanded Noah and his descendants to multiply and fill the earth. However, we learn in Genesis chapter 11 that they didn't spread out and fill the earth, but gathered on a vast plain and built a huge city. They decided that they could better find their security in a city, rather than in God. In addition to the city they also began to build a great tower so they could create acclaim for themselves and reach the heavens not through righteousness, but through the sweat of their brow, through works. Just like before the flood mankind thought they could ignore God's commands and rise up and claim the place of God.

God of course thwarts their plans by confusing their language, so they couldn't understand one another's speech. In this way God dispersed them all over the earth and created the many people groups and nations of the earth. God did this to make it harder for mankind to come together as one people and unite in global plans that were contrary to God's will. So God built into this fallen world a mechanism (many languages and people groups) to restrain the global aspirations of mankind that are not centred in glorifying him, but bringing praise to man.

Even today God's division of the world into different languages, nations and people groups hinders the rise of a global monolithic state or empire that would have the power to wipe out any group that opposes its aspirations, and undoubtedly such a power would sooner or later turn against Christians – as Christians are not concerned (or shouldn't be concerned) with the praise of men but in praising God. We often think that the plethora of languages and cultures makes world evangelisation more difficult, and it does, but God has shown that he is more concerned about the dangers of human uniformity than he is about the challenges of reaching diverse people groups. History shows that mankind is way too evil to be allowed to unite in one language, people group or one government.

In the last days we know a great global government will arise where God's people are hounded, persecuted and killed. While I don't think the EU is necessarily the precursor of this one world government, it shows that even now there is a willingness, particularly by our young people, to throw off the shackles of individual nationhood and to form a single government. Such things remind us the end times are coming. Therefore when any nation says 'no' to collective governance, we are comforted afresh that God's protective mechanism is still working, that the one world government has been put off for another day and we still have time to save the lost before Christ returns. So I say hurray for Brexit. Let us find our unity in Christ and not in the rise of global governance.


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